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Antennas Direct DB2 HDTV Antenna Review

This antenna was originally designed for outdoor use and it looks that way. However, there's no reason why this can't be placed in an attic or behind the television set. You may even want to place it in open view if your decor has that retro industrial look.

image antennas direct db2 multi directional hdtv antenna
The range of this puppy is up to 30 miles and is considered a multi-directional unit. That means that it can pull in signals for different directions at the same time. It's nominal size means it doesn't require a special site. However, as with all antennas, the higher the better - and the fewer obstacles around is better yet.

One final note, due to it's design, this antenna is best suited for receiving UHF channels (14-69). If a good share of the channels in your area are VHF, you might want to consider the Winegard Platinum Series High Definition Antenna. But be aware that the Winegard is strictly an outdoor model.

Antennas Direct DB-2 Multi Directional HDTV Antenna