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Smart Antennas - The Key to Better DTV Reception

What is a DTV Smart Antenna?
Antennas have come a long way. The SMART Antenna for digital TV is a newer version of a powered and amplified TV antenna. These newer versions have digital chips inside that use signal-processing algorithms to track, enhance and locate TV signals. They locate the best signal, lock in on it, amplify it and then send that signal to your DTV converter box or digital TV - hence the name Smart Antenna. These are also called adaptive array antennas. They can be used with DTV converter boxes or digital televisions with SMART TV support (EIA/CEA-909 compliant).

Do I Need a SMART Antenna?
They are best suited for areas that have weak TV signals. The conversion to DTV has caused some confusion regarding wether or not you even need an antenna in the first place. However, you will still need an antenna regardless of whether you have a TV with a digital tuner or have purchased the DTV convertor box. Whether or not you need a SMART antenna may depend on your locality to TV signal stations. In many cases, a standard digital antenna will work, but if you can't lock in on a good signal or the signal strength varies, you may want to explore the benefits and features of a Smart Antenna.

I Want One, Where Can I Get a SMART Antenna?
Unfortunately, SMART antenna availability has not kept pace with the rest of the market. Possibly due to higher cost, lack of consumer information, or confusion about the benefits... Whatever the reason, there are only a couple of models currently on the market worth looking at. Both these antennas are getting great reviews by industry experts and more importantly, the consumer. Here's a couple you should consider when in the market for a DTV Smart Antenna.

image of channel master 3000a smart antenna

Channel Master 3000A Omnidirectional Antenna
This Channel-Master Smart Digital Antenna is made for outdoor use but small enough to use indoors. It's the latest in smart antenna technology. The built in amplifier can maximize any weak TV signals for all of your region’s VHF and UHF channels.

image of rca digital amplified antenna wall mount model ant1550

The RCA ANT1550 Smart Antenna is designed especially for DTV converter boxes. It is optimized for HDTV reception for both VHF and UHF channels. The design allows you to lay it flat or hang it on a wall. It can even be painted to let it blend in with its surroundings.