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Terk Amplified Antenna Model HDTVO Reviewed

I like this antenna a lot...

Ok, so having said that, let me explain why.

image terk amplified antenna model hdtvo
First off it looks nice. Most outdoor antennas look almost spooky. Every time I look at one of the conventional ones, all I can think about is protecting my eyes. In fact, within the industry, we call those bad guys "eye pokers".

Second, this antenna is fairly compact. Whenever you install an outdoor antenna, you have to be aware of its environment. Living in the upper midwest, snow and ice is a huge concern. Weighing in around 10 pounds, this antenna is built right and constructed to survive a harsh experience.

It's AMPLIFIED! A powerful yet compact antenna for both UHF and VHF local OTA reception (channels 2 - 69). Amplified to boost weak signals to bring in those
fringe stations.

Convenient Mounting. Thanks to the included mini-mast bracket, you can mount this DTV antenna on a wall, a mast, the roof, or even in an attic or the inside peak of your garage. Mounting choices are very important as you may have to experiment finding the best location. I like having my options open.

Reasonably priced. I'm just like the next guy, I don't have money to throw around so when I need an antenna, it has to provide great value. This puppy does that nicely.

And Finally, PERFORMANCE. Click on the link below and look what real life consumers have to say. This antenna ranks as one of the highest customer satisfied units available. That many people can't be wrong.

If your reception needs are up to 35 miles away, you would be hard pressed to find a better outdoor amplified TV antenna choice. This is a recommended Amplified Antenna Pick...

Terk HDTVO Amplified Antenna