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Zenith DTT901 Review - a Worthy DTV (CECB) Choice

Wanting to use those government rebate coupons on a good box? The Zenith DTT901 is a solid choice and ranks well with consumers. Not all boxes can make this claim but the Zenith is a safe bet.

This unit is easy to set up, has a high sensitivity to digital signals and locks on to them quite well. This set connects to you television thru coaxial cable or composite (RCA) connectors. For the best picture quality be sure to use the composite connectors if you can. Coaxial output is substandard to that of the RCA connections.

This device also has built-in volume control and the remote control (although not a true universal version) can be used to power your TV on and off.

image of zenith dtt901 converter box
This box suffers from a couple of shortcomings however. One is a very short power cord and another is that the electronic program guide (EPG) is very rudimentary. You only have access to the current and next program listing. Other units reviewed here do a much better job in this category.

One really nice feature of this box is the way it handles digital sub-stations. Hitting the "4" key on the remote provides a pop-up menu where you can choose the sub-channel you want to watch(ex: 21.1,21.2, 21.3, etc).

The remote has one other annoyance - it's buttons are very small. If you have vision problems or as in my case, really big fingers - this remote will frustrate you. However, if your main interest is in getting a good quality box that does a decent job of converting those new digital signals into an analog version your current TV set can use, AND you want to use the rebate coupon, this is a TV converter box you should consider.

Zenith DTT901 Digital TV Tuner Converter Box