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Are All TV Converter Boxes Created Equal??

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What a idiotic question - but I hear it all the time.

Of course there are differences between boxes. Just look at price points and all the manufacturers - even the numerous model numbers for any given manufacturer. THAT alone should tell you there's a boat load of differences.

The trouble however, is trying to decipher what differences and features are most important to you. Not everyone has the same needs or requirements.

It's surprising how many people just buy the first thing shoved under their noses. Not only are there differences between features and options, there are some major differences with the interior guts of these things. Some of them chips inside those boxes do some great things - other's just fill up space on the logic boards.

Before you make a purchase decision, it would be worthwhile to visit the
Questions & Answers page to learn about these contraptions, and then scoot over to the Converter Boxes page and compare the different models to find one that best suits your needs.