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TV Converter Boxes make a come-back.

As of this writing, it's been 1 year, 8 months and change since the official cutover to digital broadcasting. By this time you would think that all the converter boxes would have been sold a long time ago and the market for these devices would have shriveled up…

WRONG! Even after 20 months, the number of digital to analog converter boxes purchased continues to amaze me. In fact, so too the box manufacturers. Shortly after the cutover date of June 12th, 2009, many manufacturers stopped making boxes and only the low quality or "dogs" were left on the shelves. It didn't take long though, and a number of these companies realized the market was still alive and well and went back into production.

I did a not-so-scientific poll to see why people are still buying these units and it became clear; People see these boxes as a way to save money. Especially in this time of economic woes, cutting the cable bill out of the monthly expenses is a real quick and easy way to add money back into the household budget.

In almost every TV market, the big 5 networks have a station broadcasting free over-the-air television programming. Sure, you won't be getting the latest show on HBO, but you'll be saving a ton on the cable bill and might even be able to save enough money in a month to take the family out for a night together.

Looking for and finding a TV Converter Box is once again easy. The best box manufactures are once again in the game so reverting back to free TV is a great way to make budgetary savings a reality.

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