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Finding the Best DTV Antenna Picks

Now that most of America has their converter boxes in hand, I'll bet there's a good number of you that would like to improve your DTV reception. As I talked about numerous times, digital signals tend to travel in straight lines and are more susceptible to interference. A good (great) antenna is crucial in order to overcome these issues.

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Make no mistake, an antenna is THE MOST IMPORTANT component of your setup. Without a good antenna to catch those signals, it doesn't matter how good your converter box or TV is. They need a good signal in order for them to do their part. It all starts at the antenna.

Antenna cost in not necessarily the best indicator of quality. Many factors determine how an antenna works and unfortunately, there are no BEST units for all circumstances. You need to study your particular situation and determine what features will be required to meet your needs.

If you live in a rural area, antenna design is critical. You'll want one with numerous elements to capture as much signal as possible. I wouldn't even consider a "rabbit ear" type for this application. I would also consider a rotor and amplifier to hone in on a signal and boost it as much as possible.

Living in an urban location is much different. Other buildings and obstacles must be taken into account. Are there large power lines close by? Are the TV stations close by or in another town? In this situation, you may be able to use rabbit ears or an omni-directional antenna.

My point is that you need to do a bit of homework here. I know that may not be what you want to hear but it's the truth. Every situation and location is different and you will have to figure out your needs in order to select the best product.

One other bit of advice I'd like to pass on... Don't scrimp on this piece of equipment. Buy the best antenna you can possibly afford. You are going to have to live with this purchase for some time so make sure that it's an INVESTMENT and not an expense.

Find the best DTV Antennas and HDTV Antenna accessories by visiting the Smart Antenna Choices page.

Here is just a sampling of antennas available. You can select any one of these to view them in more detail, or click this link to find the BEST DTV ANTENNA PICKS available.

Superior Outdoor Performance Optimal Indoor Design Good Middle Ground
image antennas direct clearstream4 antenna image terk indoor amplified antenna image antennas direct uni-directional antenna
Quad-Loop Design
Range up to 65 Miles
Works Great w/Rotor
Dual Drive Amplifier
Optimized for Channels 2-69
Horizontal or Vertical Orientation
High Wind Resistance
Range of 10-50 Miles
Integrated Ohm Converter