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Who Makes the Best HD DTV Antennas

Now that the switch to digital television broadcasts has happened, what can you do to improve your reception?

It's really pretty easy. The
Antenna is where it's at. Think of your antenna as the eyes and ears to your system. What the antenna sees, you see. If it can't see a signal, neither will you see a picture or hear a sound.

To help make some buying decisions, I've put together a new page on this site. This page will help guide you to locate the HD antenna that will work best for you. The
Smart Antenna Choices page has antennas from a whole host of manufactures. Folks like RCA, Terk, Winegard, and Channel Master.

You'll find many DTV Antenna models to choose from and each of them is listed with all the specifications and buying information. In addition to the previous manufacturers, look too for those indoor and outdoor antennas from Sharp, Phillips, and Antennas Direct.

Lots of choices - you're sure to find the perfect solution.