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Why your antenna sucks for HD reception

I've written here before, on the front page, the FAQ page, and numerous other blog sites talking about how the biggest part of your OTA digital television experience is dependent on the type and quality of your antenna.

I won't go into all the detail here again but it's important to emphasize (repeatedly) that the single most important part of you television setup is the ANTENNA. Digital broadcasts are much more demanding on antenna reception. Don't - I repeat, DON'T scrimp here. Try to buy the best antenna you can possibly afford.

Which antenna is the best? That depends on your particular circumstances and will vary with each user. Read reviews and look for specifications that coincide with the terrain and topography of your area. Don't buy the first thing shoved under your nose. Do some homework and you won't be disappointed. You are going to have to live with your antenna for quite a while so be sure to get what works for you.

Also keep in mind that price is not necessarily an indicator of an antenna's quality or feature set. Here is a complete HDTV Antenna List. Read the reviews and find yourself the best HD TV antenna.