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Lasonic LTA-260 CECB Review - Solid Pick

The Lasonic LTA-260 is no slouch in the CECB market place. This box had been around for a while and has stood up to many consumer reviews. The feature set is quite impressive.

It sets up easily and includes auto scan for channel selection. In addition, it also handles manual channel additions nicely. This is a very important feature, especially for those people using this converter box with an antenna rotor.

It's attractively priced, especially when you consider the government rebate coupon discount. Has an on screen signal strength meter (another nice feature), and is one of the few boxes that allow you to change the size and style of font used for closed captioning.

Only a couple of dings to report; There is no analog pass-thru feature but this can be accomplished by turning the unit off and manually tuning the TV to the desired station. A lot of hype has been made about having this feature, but in my opinion, I think a lot has been made about nothing - this is a minor feature.

Two other cons: the electronic program guide (EPG) lacks more detailed information, and the remote control is not a universal version and has small buttons. Not the easiest for users with sight impairments.

However, the main reason for buying this box is the quality of the picture and sound outputs. This box is a top ranker. Picture quality is at the top of the list, especially if you connect this unit to your TV using the RCA component outputs, and let's face it, output quality is by far the
most important feature. This box is a solid pick!

Lasonic LTA-260 ATSC Digital to Analog TV Converter Box