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Channel Master CM-7000 Still Available - But Where?

I still have people asking me if the Channel Master CM-7000 dta converter box is still available. It is, but not like you might expect...

This box was a champ right from the start and it quickly flew off the shelves anywhere it was being sold. Incidentally, I reviewed this box more than a year and a half ago. My Review of the Channel Master CM7000 can be found by clicking that link. People still want to know where they can get one of these digital converter boxes.

My answer is eBay! None of the conventional box stores or online outlets have these units anymore but there are people on ebay selling these as they have moved up to a digital tv and no longer need them.

However, you will notice something a bit odd about this source - and that is: you are going to most likely pay MORE for it on eBay than you would have if you bought the unit new. Yes, MORE.

This is a testament to how well this box performs and how much it's in demand. Unlike all the other converter boxes on ebay, the number of people listing them is few and the prices are high. I know this first hand as I recently bought one myself for a tv I picked up at an estate sale.

I wanted the best and so I had to pay for it. You won't pay an arm and a leg but you will have to fork over about $20 more than it would have cost brand new. I must admit that I was hoping for a bargain, but the truth of the matter is that it is worth every penny I paid for it. I don't regret having gotten this box because it performs flawlessly and it has some great features.

If you want one of these for yourself, you can visit this Channel Master CM7000 Converter Box link and hopefully get one sent your way.

...Not a normal source for this box, but a good one none-the-less.

UPDATE (July-2011):
Just as I had mentioned in another post made here where I talk about manufacturers restarting production, I found an online source that has gotten back into the game with this converter boxes as well. Now you can once again buy a brand new Channel Master CM-7000 converter box. I'm guessing these won't last long though as this is one fantastic box and is sure to be snatched up quick.

Channel Master CM7000 ATSC Digital Converter Box CM7000

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It's really pretty easy. The
Antenna is where it's at. Think of your antenna as the eyes and ears to your system. What the antenna sees, you see. If it can't see a signal, neither will you see a picture or hear a sound.

To help make some buying decisions, I've put together a new page on this site. This page will help guide you to locate the HD antenna that will work best for you. The
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