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TV Converter Boxes make a come-back.

As of this writing, it's been 1 year, 8 months and change since the official cutover to digital broadcasting. By this time you would think that all the converter boxes would have been sold a long time ago and the market for these devices would have shriveled up…

WRONG! Even after 20 months, the number of digital to analog converter boxes purchased continues to amaze me. In fact, so too the box manufacturers. Shortly after the cutover date of June 12th, 2009, many manufacturers stopped making boxes and only the low quality or "dogs" were left on the shelves. It didn't take long though, and a number of these companies realized the market was still alive and well and went back into production.

I did a not-so-scientific poll to see why people are still buying these units and it became clear; People see these boxes as a way to save money. Especially in this time of economic woes, cutting the cable bill out of the monthly expenses is a real quick and easy way to add money back into the household budget.

In almost every TV market, the big 5 networks have a station broadcasting free over-the-air television programming. Sure, you won't be getting the latest show on HBO, but you'll be saving a ton on the cable bill and might even be able to save enough money in a month to take the family out for a night together.

Looking for and finding a TV Converter Box is once again easy. The best box manufactures are once again in the game so reverting back to free TV is a great way to make budgetary savings a reality.

Visit the DTA Converter Box page to see what's returned to the shelves.

Channel Master CM-7000 Still Available - But Where?

I still have people asking me if the Channel Master CM-7000 dta converter box is still available. It is, but not like you might expect...

This box was a champ right from the start and it quickly flew off the shelves anywhere it was being sold. Incidentally, I reviewed this box more than a year and a half ago. My Review of the Channel Master CM7000 can be found by clicking that link. People still want to know where they can get one of these digital converter boxes.

My answer is eBay! None of the conventional box stores or online outlets have these units anymore but there are people on ebay selling these as they have moved up to a digital tv and no longer need them.

However, you will notice something a bit odd about this source - and that is: you are going to most likely pay MORE for it on eBay than you would have if you bought the unit new. Yes, MORE.

This is a testament to how well this box performs and how much it's in demand. Unlike all the other converter boxes on ebay, the number of people listing them is few and the prices are high. I know this first hand as I recently bought one myself for a tv I picked up at an estate sale.

I wanted the best and so I had to pay for it. You won't pay an arm and a leg but you will have to fork over about $20 more than it would have cost brand new. I must admit that I was hoping for a bargain, but the truth of the matter is that it is worth every penny I paid for it. I don't regret having gotten this box because it performs flawlessly and it has some great features.

If you want one of these for yourself, you can visit this Channel Master CM7000 Converter Box link and hopefully get one sent your way.

...Not a normal source for this box, but a good one none-the-less.

UPDATE (July-2011):
Just as I had mentioned in another post made here where I talk about manufacturers restarting production, I found an online source that has gotten back into the game with this converter boxes as well. Now you can once again buy a brand new Channel Master CM-7000 converter box. I'm guessing these won't last long though as this is one fantastic box and is sure to be snatched up quick.

Channel Master CM7000 ATSC Digital Converter Box CM7000

TV Converter Boxes are Almost GONE!

If you haven't noticed, it's almost impossible to find a decent converter box any more - and with good reason.

The converter box market was a one time shot and all the major manufacturers have ceased production and have moved on to other ventures.

If you still haven't got your box or want to trade up, I'm afraid you're in for a disappointment. There are very few boxes left and those that are left aren't very good.

If you want to try, feel free to visit this link, it's
The Last Available TV Converter Boxes on the Planet

If that don't suit ya, you can always head over to eBay but I would be leery of what's there too.

The smart and logical choice at this time is to invest in a new HD TV. You can find a nice starter
selection by visiting Are You Ready for a new HD Television?

Good luck Mateys!!

Channel Master CM-7000 Review - The Ugly Duckling

The first thing you're going to notice about the Channel Master CM-7000 is its looks. Not the prettiest girl at the dance but I'm so sick of buying products that look great and work like "crap". This bad boy might have a black eye, but performs like the heavyweight champ it is.

The box has a METAL case!! Yes, metal!! Hard to believe in this day of plastic composites, but it's true. It's also a Coupon Eligible Converter Box (CECB) so you can use those rebate coupons to sweeten the deal. Don't have a coupon? Too late to get one? Spent your coupon on some other peace of junk? Well, you would be hard pressed to find a box better than this one even if you do have to pay full price for it.

Picture quality has been rated as "Best" by a popular consumer rating group
and by real life consumers. This unit comes equipped with an Auto-Off feature that's factory set to 'Off' so you won't think the box quite working on you. You will need to deliberately set this feature to 'On'. You'll also find an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) that displays 12 hours of programming - oddly for only one station at a time, but 12 hours is fantastic for those channels you do frequent.

One of the BEST and most unique features of this box (and why I feel it ranks as "One of the Best") is the
Auto Channel Update. By initiating this feature, you can "Update" the channel selections to include any new channels the box has discovered. This is an absolute MUST HAVE feature for anyone in a rural location or those folks using an antenna rotor. All the other boxes on the market make you start over with an Auto Scan. This wipes out the channels already in memory and refreshes them with whatever the box newly discovers. Remember that DTV signals tend to travel in straight lines... So if you pointed your antenna in one direction and did an auto scan, then turned the antenna to another position in the sky and did another auto scan, the stations found during the first scan would most likely not be found on the second scan. See where I'm going here? Your box would only retain the signals found during the last scan. To be fair, there are a few boxes that allow you to do manual adds to the channel directory, but you would have to KNOW the channel you want to add.

With the Update feature, the Channel Master CM-7000 will ADD those new channels found and not eliminate those from the first scan. This is THE BOX if you plan to use a rotor.

Ok, so those are the beauty marks - how about the warts?

First off, there's no analog pass-thru but as I've pointed out in other reviews, I don't find this to be a real serious drawback because you can imitate this feature by turning the box off and manually tuning the TV to the low powered station. Secondly, the font used for closed captioning is small - tiny actually and there's no way to change or over-ride this. And finally, the remote is not a universal version, although the buttons do function well and provide good tactile feedback.

All-in-all, I consider this box one of the best on the market. Sure it looks utilitarian in nature, but WOW - it's about time a product appears like it can do the job instead of just looking pretty, right? Don't let this one pass you by.

Channel Master CM7000 ATSC Digital Converter Box CM7000

Highly Rated, Positive Reviews Tivax T8 Converter

This is my favorite converter box and the one I recommend to everyone!! It's a successor to the Tivax T9 model. You would think that with the model number, it would be just the opposite - but not true.

This unit has all the features one could ask for. Like the ability to display all 18 ATSC formats, Stereo Audio, Closed Captioning, Parental Control, Smart Antenna Interface, Multi Language, Sleep Timer, Analog Pass-Thru, Auto Scan, and Manual Tuning. About the only thing to make this unit absolute top shelf would be if the included Remote Control was a universal model. But for all it's other features, I can give this one a break.
image of tivax model t8 converter box

This great feature set made this box very hard to find. If you wanted one, you had to be put on a waiting list... Not any longer. These units are now available in good quantities. Scoop this one up; You won't be sorry.

Tivax STB-T8 Digital to Analog TV Converter Box

Wide range of CECB boxes available

There are plenty of TV converter boxes to be had. Lots of manufacturers - tons of models. Some good, some not so good. This blog will answer the question: which tv converter box is the best.

Find reviews and recommendations here to help guide you through this new technology and locate the Best TV Converter Box.