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Highly Rated, Positive Reviews Tivax T8 Converter

This is my favorite converter box and the one I recommend to everyone!! It's a successor to the Tivax T9 model. You would think that with the model number, it would be just the opposite - but not true.

This unit has all the features one could ask for. Like the ability to display all 18 ATSC formats, Stereo Audio, Closed Captioning, Parental Control, Smart Antenna Interface, Multi Language, Sleep Timer, Analog Pass-Thru, Auto Scan, and Manual Tuning. About the only thing to make this unit absolute top shelf would be if the included Remote Control was a universal model. But for all it's other features, I can give this one a break.
image of tivax model t8 converter box

This great feature set made this box very hard to find. If you wanted one, you had to be put on a waiting list... Not any longer. These units are now available in good quantities. Scoop this one up; You won't be sorry.

Tivax STB-T8 Digital to Analog TV Converter Box

RCA DTA800 - Wal Mart's ONLY TV Converter Box

image of rca dta800b converter box

RCA's DTA800 converter box isn't the only converter box available...

However, it's the only one most big box stores carry. So a lot of people will buy this digitial tv converter box because it's there. Which isn't bad, because the RCA DTA800 has analog passthru although it lacks a universal remote control such as the
Insignia NS-DXA1.