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TV Reception Could Get Worse

If you're still not set for digital TV, it's time to tune in people. I'm talking both literally and figuratively. Even those of you who think you're all set could be in for a surprise this coming friday.

With only a few days to go, there are going to be many people left in the dark. Why? Cause this is not an exact science and even though you may have gotten a converter box, there are lots of reasons why your reception could be problematic.

The federal government is nudging television broadcasters into the digital realm to free up analog spectrum to be repurposed for public safety communications. Experts consider this a landmark transition and a long-term boon for consumers.

Yet this is unexplored territory for many - some on limited incomes with scant technical skills. The transition requires many TV watchers to make some adjustments they are unfamiliar with, including obtaining
digital converter devices that connect to aging analog TV sets and connecting antennas to these converter boxes so they will properly pull in the digital broadcasts. All of this can be tricky, even for the tech-savvy, so at least some angst and confusion is guaranteed Friday. In addition, if you haven't ordered the $40 federal converter coupons to defray that expense, you are now out of time to receive them before the cutoff (Friday).

The second major issue confronting local DTV transition coordinators can be summed up in a single word: reception. Because of a maddening variety of factors - some beyond home viewers' control - pulling in every available digital station in a region can be hit or miss.

Buying the right antenna and setting it up properly can become an ordeal, too. Sometimes home users will buy fancy, pricey antennas only to discover that basic, low-cost ones work better. In other cases, consumers must upgrade from indoor antennas to outdoor ones positioned higher for better reception.

I'm not trying to sell gloom and doom. This is a heads-up! I just want everyone to be aware that this transition has the potential to be a bit on the rough side. My only suggestion other than to have a converter box in hand is to be patient. Once the cut over takes place, THEN you can set about trying to improve your reception.

Stay tuned (figuratively) as we go through this together.